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Introducing our 5th Deaf Dreamer from KENYA

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce that as of this morning we are sponsoring our 5th Deaf Dreamer!

Patricia from KENYA is absolutely thrilled to go to university. She has worked hard to prepare herself for the rigors of school and has been persistent and determined in her efforts to find scholarship options. She has the support of her church congregation behind her!

We are rooting on her dream to start a primary school for Deaf in Kenyan Sign Language. Congratulations, Patricia!

If you would like to take part in sponsoring their college scholarships and keep up to date with these amazing dreamers, please consider donating here:

For most of our students, schooling is in the $200-400 per semester range. An entire degree for a couple students has only been a little over $1,000. I volunteer my time to make sure that these students receive 100% of your donations.

Thank you for all the support my friends!

God bless -



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