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Oryem's Internship: HIV Testing and Counseling, Managing Measles/Rubella Outbreaks

I received an email from Oryem this month about his internship in Uganda!

Oryem with his internship mates (Oryem is the second from the right in a blue shirt)

Dear Destiny,
Good morning to you?
Yesterday, I forgot to inform you about my internship. It ended well, on Aug. 1 Friday 2023, and am ready for Next Semester.
Being in a Health Facility. I learnt a lot. Not just, Information Systems but Medical Skills too. I learnt about HIV Testing and Counseling, Managing Measles/Rubella outbreak, and so much more.
The attached are photos when we were being trained on HIV TESTING and that of the end of Internship.
Thank you for your support.

I replied to his email with the following:

I cannot wait to share these photos with our donors. Truly, I am thrilled that you have been able to take part in this internship. You use all you learn for good; to bless and lift up others so we are cheering for you!


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