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Introducing our 18th Deaf Dreamer: Kevin from Rwanda!

Kevin from Rwanda
Kevin from Rwanda

Dear Kevin - 

I am thrilled to be able to inform you that you have been awarded a Deaf Dream scholarship! Congratulations!

This scholarship will provide funding for your tuition, books, and examinations for your undergrad program. (Funding for degree-specific internships require approval from The Deaf Dream on a case-by-case basis.)

We are excited that you are looking to study the architecture business as you are focused on employing and empowering others in your Rwandan Deaf community.

You have past Deaf Dreamers as your examples. Being a Deaf Dreamer is not just about you getting a degree for yourself, but for others in your community. I am blessed each day for the scholarships I was given to gain an education. My hope and prayer is that you will treasure this scholarship and use it to bless the lives of those around you!

Below I have included more information about the scholarship, including the requirements associated with this scholarship. 

Again, congratulations my friend, 

Destiny Yarbro

Founder | President

The Deaf Dream NPO

Kevin's application: "to become an architect and open a company"

Dear Destiny. 

Thank you for your response to my Application.

My response. 

I will help Deaf Community in Skills training. In Building and Architect drawing. They earn money in drawing Building plans, Bill of Quantity planning. This earn money a lot. The deaf live on their own and support family members.

My dream to become Architect is: Study Bricklaying and Concrete Practice/CAD-BIM. (BCP/CAD-BIM). 

Course is 2 years, six months. (5 Semesters).

I will Learn Building Construction and Technical Drawing using CAD-BIM (Architectural Drawing).

I begin drawing Building plans and make Bill of Quantity. I open company that special in CAD-BIM, I form my group of builders and get contracts for building houses.

Tuition: I not yet picked admission from school, but Esther informed me am admitted.

Esther also informed that tuition for BCP/CAD-BIM Course is 195,000,

But fess for Tuition, Exams, Training materials is RWF 365,160

Tuition: RWF 195,000

Examination: RWF 13,160

Training materials: RWF157,000

Is the answers okay?

Thank you.

I'm Kevin.


Kevin's reply a few days ago when he received the scholarship:

Kevin's reply when he received the scholarship:


Thank you to all who donate! Truly, we have been able to sponsor 18 Deaf Dreamers largely on $20-$100 donations.

I am grateful everyday for each of you!



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