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Rachael's graduation was delayed [Tanzania]

Oryem traveled to Tanzania to attend Rachael and Alfred's graduation. Unfortunately, Rachael's mother has been in the hospital and was unable to sign the forms required to graduate.

Rachael sent me this note, along with her testimony of God's plan and timing:

Dear friends. How are you?  I'm fine and healthy. I want to inform you about my graduation. I did not graduate. My forms were not signed.   Please don't feel broken. I will graduate. Graduation is set in  June.  Thank Oryem for coming. I not see you. I was stay home with mommy.  Mommy suffered illness but is recovering. Destiny dear. Understand me about this. I think this is God's plan to see I graduate better. I love my sponsors for my fees payments. God bless you all.  Rachael.

Understandably, after studying together for years, it was a disappointment for Alfred as well to not graduate with Rachael.

Am sorry 😞😞. Rachael didn't graduated.  Director of studies put her name on graduation list of June  Thank you all. Thank you for supporting my education. I love you so much.  Alfred.

I am grateful for the comradery they both share and pray that Rachael will be able to graduate in June.

Thank you all for your donations and support!



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