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[VIDEO] Ghana Deaf Dreamer: Victoria Aggrey

My friend working in Ghanaian Deaf schools this last year has helped us locate our next possible Deaf Dreamer, Victoria Aggrey. I absolutely loved Victoria's video submission so I thought I'd share it with everyone. :)

Victoria is absolutely passionate about learning. After both of her parents passed away, one of her teachers at school, Emmanuel, saw her enthusiasm and decided to support the rest of Victoria's primary education. If not for his financial support, she would have had to drop out of school and forgo her dream to become a deaf teacher.

Unable to support her college education, Emmanuel and Victoria reached out to us and we are hoping to be able to sponsor her degree (if she can pass the exams and get accepted into a school).

Victoria has met with the disability representative at a nearby college, Rose, and is preparing for her entrance! [Photo below L to R: Emmanuel, Victoria, Rose.]

It is wonderful to see the dreams of Deaf leaders (and potential leaders, like Victoria) from around the world!

Remember that you can sponsor a Deaf Dreamer for only $1-$5 per day. Donate $5 here! >>

[Posted by: Destiny Yarbro]

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