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Three Deaf Dreamers Met In Person in Uganda!

Three black women stand in front of a university in Uganda.
(R-L) Scovia, Monica, and Phina met up in Uganda

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Monica saying that her first semester tuition was processed at the school. (She will be starting university in the summer.) I was surprised and overjoyed by her news!

Hi Destiny,
Please find the attached receipt.
I was together with Phina and Scovia today. I am thrilled I had the opportunity to take some photos with them. I will email Scovia now so that she can send them to you.
Thank you for considering my scholarship application.
Kind regards

I then received an email from Scovia (our Deaf Dreamer from South Sudan) with photos!

Dear Destiny, I had a very interesting morning today when I received two visitors. Yes! two visitors. Phina and Monica!
Monica had come to pick her Receipts from the School while Phina accompanied her to the school, since she is still new.
We had a wonderful time and were able to take some photos.
Please share them with my sponsors and tell them that I appreciate their support.

It brings my heart joy to see the Deaf Dreamers supporting each other so completely. What a beautiful and unanticipated blessing.

Thank you, each of you, for your part in the miracles of these three strong women!

- Destiny


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