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Scovia Update (South Sudan / Uganda)

Scovia teaching fellow Deaf and their families about COVID. (She is wearing a maroon t-shirt and white sneakers.)

I received a quick update from Scovia when she sent her tuition request this week. As a reminder, Scovia is our second Deaf Dreamer from South Sudan and is currently studying in Uganda.

She wrote:

I have also been helping in Conducting COVID-19 awareness to the the Deaf and their Parents through Emyooga Program in Uganda.

I am consistently amazed at the efforts each of these Deaf Dreamers make to better their communities. Please continue to pray for them, specifically that they will have their turns to get vaccinations as this directly impacts whether they will be able to continue their education or not.

A few days later, Scovia wrote saying:

Thank you so much for your support. May God Bless you. By the way, I have got a New Name (not official) from Uganda. Called Apiyo "Meaning; the first born of the twin" [because] I have a friend who resembles me so much.

Scovia, we're cheering you on!

And thank you all for your support, dear friends! :)

- Destiny


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