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Rachael's Miracle [Tanzania]

I received this email from Rachael this last week. She spoke of her miracle in the final line of her email. :)

Dear Destiny,

Thank you for this information. I have been so busy with my internship. There have been a lot of assignments.

And also, the internet cafe is a little far from my placement center. We are now summarizing our market research activities, then finally conclude with report writing.

I have forwarded this information to my School and I believe they received it.

The other good news is, that, I met a Doctor who has been working on my legs for the last one month, as u know, I used to move on a wheelchair, but now I can even support myself on crutches!!! Such a miracle for me. You can see from the photos I have sent you in this email.

Thank you.



I asked her if she would be willing to share a bit more about her story and she replied with this.

Hello Destiny,

My life as a Deaf and also living with this Paralysis has never been simple. With a lot of criticism and Stigma from within the community. Being not able to move and also hear was the reason.

A number of times in the past, felt like life was meaningless. But something kept telling me to move on.

To cut it short, When I joined Tabora Institute, We had students from other School who came to visit our Department. This is when one of them contacted me if I could allow her ask me a few questions! At first she thought I would be offended by her questions, she didn't know sign language well, so, she talked to one of my instructors for some few minutes. My instructor came with a smile on the face and informed me that, the student visitor was there to help, but first needed to know a few things. After a few interview(regarding my health and of course my Legs), she took her phone and talked to someone. She told me I would soon receive a special visitor. She never told me who the visitor was, All I thought was, I would receive a Visitor from The Deaf Dream. In less than three days, the doctor came and explained himself to me. He got permission from the school and we were given a sickbay in the school clinic, where he has been doing something he referred (wrote to me) to as Physiotherapy. This has been on a daily basis. He taught our school nurse to do a few every morning, while he comes every evening. That's how I started picking up This has given me more courage and comfort on top of my current education. I see some future in me! I no longer feel so hopeless like before. This is just another Blessing through The Deaf Dream Scholarship! Without your scholarship, I wouldn't be at this School. Thank you Destiny, May you be blessed Thank you again! Rachael.


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