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PHINA GRADUATED!!! [Uganda] + Video of Phina's journey

After years of schooling and years of delays due to Covid, Phina was finally able to have a GRADUATION!

Dear, dear sponsors -

I have been working on creating a video of her journey to graduation. You can view it here:

Each of you participated in her dream and helped her obtain an education that will help her support herself and, one day, others in her Deaf community.

Phina's story is one of what I imagine Zion will be like. So many people came together to help her graduate:

  • Jerry (another Deaf Dreamer) and his organization, Deaf In Action, that fundraised for food and the best graduation gift!! (see video above)

  • Ogony Catholic Church in Gulu who gathered sugar, soap, sanitary pads, and other necessities

  • Minakulu Technical Institute for providing free accommodations and electing Phina for a special internship during the Covid shut-down

  • Ms. Akello Lillian, Deputy Director of Studies, who safely picked up and submitted our tuition donations to the school

  • Kelai Moses and other Deaf Dreamers who stepped up to support and protect Phina and raised money for her graduation gift.

  • Most especially, Oryem who alerted me to Phina's severe food needs, got permission from the government during Covid to deliver food to her, served as a trustworthy representative for The Deaf Dream during extremely dangerous times for Phina, travelled to her graduation, delivered the graduation gift, sent me videos, etc. etc. etc. (Too many services to list in a small email; he truly is a miracle worker.)

I received an email from Oryem on 18 May 2023. Yet again, Oryem volunteered to travel to the graduation in my place and celebrate Phina's special day with her. I am so grateful for ALL he does!

Dear Destiny.
It all went well at Phina's Graduation today!
I travelled and attended her graduation. She was so so excited!!!
She wished you were there to celebrate with her in person. She has been waiting for this particular moment for a long time.
However, we couldn't hand over the sewing machine to her because we lack the materials to accompany the Machine for starting up her business.
However, I promised to her that we (Team from Deaf In Action) shall visit her from home soon. By the way, she still doesn't know that we have her sewing machine!!!

You can also watch the graduation videos of our other Deaf Dreamers here:

Thank you, each of you, who donated $10 here and $20 there. When an entire semester of school is only a few hundred dollars, your donations make a huge difference!!

With a heart brimming with joy and gratitude today,

- Destiny


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