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Introducing our 15th Deaf Dreamer: Monica from Uganda! [Videos]

I am thrilled to announce our next Deaf college scholarship recipient! Monica has received a Deaf Dream scholarship to study business, specifically hospitality, to one day provide employment for other members of her Deaf community in Uganda.

Monica applied in 2021 but due to funding limitations because of COVID expenses, we were not able to give her a scholarship at that time. (Such a hard decision to make!)

But on January 1st, I received an email from Monica following up about the 2022 scholarship. She is clearly eager and ready to go! :)

She initially heard about The Deaf Dream from Phina and Kelai (two of our Deaf Dreamers). She wrote in her application about them:

We always pray together in the same church. They approached me when our church called for anyone who has the ability to sponsor me to school. I then followed them to their school and took a video with the help of their instructor.

In my congratulatory email to her this morning, I wrote:

You have Phina, Kelai, and Oryem as examples. Being a Deaf Dreamer is not just about you getting a degree for yourself, but for others in your community. I am blessed each day for the scholarships I was given to gain an education. My hope and prayer is that you will treasure this scholarship and use it to bless the lives of those around you!

I love Monica's enthusiasm and tenacity and cannot wait to see how she will be blessed by and bless others with the funding each of you have donated this year. Thank you to each of you!

- Destiny

P.S. Also, I think you will enjoy her initial application video and form :)


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