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Introducing our 14th Deaf Dreamer: Scovia from South Sudan!

With recommendations from Kelai and Phina (two other Deaf Dreamers), Scovia applied to The Deaf Dream in January of 2021.

Kelai Moses (Deaf Dreamer #7) knows Scovia from when he also lived in the Bidibidi refugee camp on the border of South Sudan and Uganda. (This is the largest refugee camp in the world.)

In the course of my correspondence with Scovia and from the recommendation letters submitted by others in her community and family, I learned more about Scovia's story.

Scovia is a twin but her sister passed away from cholera when they were 7 years old. In 2013, Scovia's father was taken to the "Blue House" center with other political opponents and has never returned. Her mother was forced to marry a soldier but was able to escape during the fire exchange between SPLM and the Rebels. She was found by the UN Peace Keepers and taken as a refugee to Bidibidi refugee camp where they lived until 2018.

Due to extreme war conditions in South Sudan, there are no Deaf schools. (The only Deaf schools were destroyed by the Rebels.) Once in the Bidibidi refugee camp, she was sponsored by a Brother Elio to attend the Ikwera School for the Deaf. Tragically, Brother Elio died from COVID-19 this last year which ended her studies until Kelai recommended her for a Deaf Dream scholarship.

Dear Ms. Destiny, A very big thank you for quickly responding to my application. I'm currently living in the outscart of Nimule Refugee camp.  I stay with my mother, see pictures attached.  Before my father was abducted, he had a plan to open a school, he had constructed two blocks and another for the office. Since then, it's my uncle who is taking charge of the building. I want to fulfill my father's dream by turning those buildings into classrooms.  I will offer to teach young deaf freely while I look for partners who can help me with equipment and other support.  We have also sent some information about me to Kelai to share with your organization.  I want to attain a Diploma in Deaf Education at Kyambogo University for me to teach.   Thanks Scovia.

Scovia was able to visit a Deaf school in Uganda. I absolutely LOVE her smile in this photo. You see her hope and determination to build a school for the Deaf in South Sudan! She is eager to become a teacher so she can teach sign language to others in her Deaf community.

As of May 2021, she is currently studying in Uganda at the school where Kelai and Phina are attending!

I cannot wait to see what she will do with this scholarship. Thank YOU for donating and supporting Scovia!

- Destiny


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