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Introducing Bonny from Rwanda (Deaf Dreamer #12!)

In July of 2020, Bonny applied to The Deaf Dream for a scholarship. In the course of our correspondence, he shared that in 2018, his father was assassinated by the government for his political affiliation.

Bonny is now studying to become a plumber and wants to start a business to train and provide work for others in his Deaf community in Rwanda. This work will include plumbing and a shoe making project he describes in his email below.

When I finish my studies, I want to use my salary to finance a Shoe making project. Before my Biological father was assassinated for supporting the Hutu leader by the current Government in 2018, he used to make shoes and export them expensively to DRC, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. He got a lot of money that supported us as a family.   The shoe making project doesn't require expensive materials. Only simple tools.  The project will train young people in Shoe making, and the money obtained from the sales will help sponsor deaf children in Primary Schools.

Here is the video he sent expressing his gratitude for the scholarship:

I am consistently amazed at the strength of these Deaf Dreamers and their desire to not only live a meaningful life, but to help others in their journeys as well! It is such a blessing to associate with these spiritual giants!

- Destiny


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