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Christmas 2017 Update on Jerry and Victoria

Hello everyone!

As we are now accepting applications for this 2018 school year, I thought I'd give a quick update on our two current Deaf Dreamers. :)

VICTORIA is doing great! She is completing her 3rd semester of college. I am so proud of all her hard work! She and I communicate via WhatsApp and she sent me this photo a few days ago. WAY TO GO, VICTORIA!

(For those of you who want to know more about Victoria and her journey to become a Deaf teacher in Ghana, go here:

JERRY is well into his 1st semester of college in Uganda. He will be sending us reports soon and a current photo so I'll share more soon!

(If you'd like to learn more about Jerry's dream to train other Deaf artists in Uganda, go here:

Please consider doing a recurring donation each year. Entire degrees are only about $1,000-3,000 in most of the locations we're considering and 100% of your donations go directly into the scholarship fund. It's just me and some volunteers so it's not like there is any overhead other than this website I built. :)

My goal from early on has been to make sure that every dollar goes directly to the students and not be like so many other NPOs that fundraise to cover their costs first, and their recipients second. When you donate to The Deaf Dream, you're not sponsoring anyone other than the students who deserve the scholarships.

Please please donate: $10 pays for 1-2 weeks of college, $300 pays for 1-2 semesters, and $1,000 pays for anywhere from 2-4 years of college.

Thank you for your love and support, my friends!


P.S. If you know someone who would deserve a scholarship, please send them to this link:

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