He Made It! Erik Unicycled to Canada!

Erik posted on One Wheel Man today that he made it to Canada yesterday!! The best part, like I mentioned before, is that this trip is in training for his cross country trip next summer where he will collect donations for The Deaf Dream!!! Follow his journey here >> Congrats, Erik!! Remember you can easily sponsor a Deaf Dreamer's college education for just $1-$5/day. Donate here! >> [Posted by: Destiny Yarbro] #ErikJensen #Utah #Canada #Unicycle #TheDeafDream #OneWheelMan

Victoria Selected for Ghana National Deaf Volleyball Team!

I just found out that our Deaf Dreamer, Victoria Aggrey, has been selected as team captain for the Ghana National Deaf Volleyball team. They will be competing in a tournament at Gallaudet University in July! Way to go, Victoria!! [Victoria is second from the left in this photo.] The joy for me is knowing that she will be able to see the Deaf community at it's best at Gallaudet and take that vision home to her Deaf community in Ghana. This will be much more than a sport event for her! Here is the announcement on the Ghana Deaf Volleyball Association: Remember that you can sponsor a Deaf Dreamer for only $1-$5 per day. Donate $5 here! >> [Posted by: Destiny Yarbro] #VictoriaAggrey #DeafDreamer

[VIDEO] Start of Erik's Journey: Utah to Canada on UNICYCLE

You probably already know about Erik, thanks to his viral video, but we are following his journey because he is raising awareness for The Deaf Dream. Woot woot! :) He started his journey this morning! [Posted by: Destiny Yarbro] #ErikJensen #Unicycle #Utah #Canada #DeafDreamer #Deaf #DeafUnicyclist #TheDeafDream #DeafCollegeScholarships

[VIDEO] The One Wheel Man is UNICYCLING Utah to Canada for The Deaf Dream

Erik Jensen, a deaf teacher from Utah, is unicycling (that's right, on a UNICYCLE) from Utah to Canada from June 13th to June 27th. The best part, in our slightly-biased opinion, is that he is raising awareness for The Deaf Dream as part of his journey! His video above went viral within hours of posting and is up to 43,000+ views! We are so grateful for Erik's idea to use his dream to empower our Deaf Dreamers. Thank you, Erik! Remember that sponsoring a college degree for a Deaf Dreamer is as cheap as $1-$5/day. Donate $5 here >> [Posted by: Destiny Yarbro] #ErikJensen #Unicycle #TheDeafDream #DeafCollegeEducation #DeafCollegeScholarships #DeafDreamer #Dreamer #Utah