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Thank you videos from Monica and her mother

After sending Monica her scholarship email this last week, she and her mother visited the school where Monica will be attending. The school sent me the following videos:

Hi Destiny... Please receive my mum's thank you message. She cried the whole day after learning that my application for scholarship was accepted. Even at the time her video was being shot! she was just controlling herself. She never believed such a miracle could happen, after struggling with paying my fees for such a long time.

Monica is our 15th Deaf Dreamer scholarship recipient. The university sent me this video with the following explanation:

I received a Student (Akello Monica) and her Mother Scovia today morning. Ms Scovia brought her daughter for Admission in Hotel Management & Institutional Catering course and we asked them to come back on Thursday 27 2022 to pick up the Admission letter.
But before they could leave, Ms. Scovia asked for a favor to have her video taken, so that she can convey her heart to the sponsors from the Deaf Dream for accepting to sponsor her child.

Monica also sent a video thanking us for her college scholarship:

Thank you to each of you who have donated! Please consider an annual donation of $10 (one dollar for each year The Deaf Dream has been sponsoring students). Thank you!

- Destiny


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