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Update: Patricia is trying to start a Deaf primary school! [KENYA]

Dear Donors,

I will now admit to you that I have been very, very worried about Patricia. She has always been so quick to respond so when I did not hear from her since May of 2021, I was truly worried that she may have been yet another casualty of Covid-19 (as many in eastern Africa continue to be hit hard by the virus). I reached out to her school and even sent photos of her to my friends and a Deaf Dreamer traveling to Kenya, asking that they keep an eye out for her.

My heart is SO grateful to share that I received an email from her! (March 2, 2023)

My Dearest friend Destiny,
How are you? I'm so excited to communicate with you. I received information from my former school through mum, that you tried communicating with me. I have been in our rural home in Nakuru. Mum has been in Bungoma. Message came from Uganda to our School that you so much want to communicate with me.
I could not access my email. It was created using my former Late teacher's phone number (died from COVID-19). It was hard to convince her family to recover my email. thank God, the Principal convinced them. The school is preparing to host a Bilingual Program for Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.
I and my colleagues have been struggling to open a local Primary school for the Deaf but it is currently stalled. we have not met the minimum requirements yet. structures and number of enrollment is our challenge now. we need at least 15 children.
Name of School is Good Shepherd Community School for the Deaf.
We now have 5 children ready to study. when we get 15, we shall be ready to begin school registration process for school to start operating.
Please find the attached photos for my sponsors to see. please, send them my sincere greetings.
Thank you
I'm Patricia

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in Patricia's behalf. She is an amazing, vivacious, and dedicated Deaf Dreamer who will make SUCH a difference if this school succeeds!

- Destiny


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