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Our 10th Deaf Dreamer: Alfred in Tanzania! [VIDEO]

Hello friends -

I am completely in awe to announce our 10th (!!!) Deaf Dreamer! For almost four years after starting The Deaf Dream, I thought that Khiem might be our only scholarship recipient because we simply could not get the funds to support anyone else.

Truly this is a MIRACLE! Thank you to each of you for taking part in each step of this journey!

Here is a segment of his application video:

Our 10th Deaf Dreamer is Alfred from Tanzania who seeks to study metal fabrication and welding at Tabora Institute in Central Tanzania. He will be studying alongside our 9th Deaf Dreamer, Rachael.

Here is his initial application from March:

And the institute sent me this photo from when he was doing the admission interview.

And, yep, this is our THIRD scholarship recipient just this year! This is due to your generosity and support. Again, I am just shaking my head writing this. I never would have imagined that we would reach this milestone.

Aaaaaand, here come the tears...

With gratitude and love in my heart for each

of our incredible Deaf Dreamers

and you, our donors,



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