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Oryem starts school this morning, finally!!

For all of you who have followed the progression of The Deaf Dream, Oryem's name is quite familiar.

He is the one who helped 5 Deaf Dreamers get their education. The one who has traveled all night long to live live stream a Deaf Dreamer's graduation. The one who requested special permission to travel during COVID to deliver food to a starving student. The one who picked up last minute scholarship funds and delivered them to schools by the deadline. He truly is one of the most selfless people I know in the Ugandan disability community.

We awarded him a scholarship in 2020 but by the time his school's intakes arrived, Covid-19 had hit Uganda. The country has been under a 'freeze' where no new students have been able to start school (only our current scholarship students were able to continue their programs).

After helping Deaf Dreamers for years and then 3+ years of waiting because of Covid, it is my absolute joy to say that Oryem was finally able to start classes this morning!!!

He sent a video in 2020 as a thank you. I have included the transcript below.

Hello sponsors,
I am Oryem from Uganda. I would like to thank you for offering me a scholarship to study information systems.
I also pray to God to protect you from the deadly coronavirus.
Thank you so much.

He will be attending university for two years in information systems.

Congratulations, Oryem!!! 


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