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Update on Rachael and Alfred in Tanzania (October 2022)

Hello all! Just quick updates from Alfred and Rachael in Tanzania.

Hello Destiny 💕 How are you doing today? I'm great and fine. My legs are just like the other semester. I can still balance using crutches. I rarely use a wheelchair now.  I'm with Alfred now, we just got a friend's Tab and we thought of communicating with you.  Our exams ending on Wednesday next week and we continue with Industrial Study Tours once every week for two months.  We have up to 8 Industrial Study Tours from Mid October to December.  Thank you 💕 Greetings to our sponsors.  Rachael.

Dear Destiny, Thank you so much for the urgent help last time. For paying my Trade Test fee. My date for payment was due. Money was not sent from home but you helped.  I'm informing you that money was later sent from home (TZS 170,000). School kept it. I asked them to keep it for next semester fees.  Next semester fees shall be minus 170,000.  We completed Trade Test last Friday. End of semester exams starting on Monday(3 Oct) and ending on Wednesday 12 Oct).  Send regards to Sponsors. I don't have a good phone for photos now.  I will send you my photo with Rachel before semester end.  Thanks again.  Alfred.

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