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Laptop purchased for Deaf Dreamers in GHANA

Sometime ago I received a request from Emmanuel, the mentor for two of our Deaf Dreamers in Ghana:

15 February 2023

Dear Destiny,

Jennifer and I wish to extend our warm greetings to you and her donors during this period of sharing the love (Valentine).

Please Jennifer wishes to appeal through you to her donors to consider her buying a secondhand laptop computer that she will use to write her final project work.

Please, the laptop cost GH¢3,000.00

The absence of the laptop exposes her to a high risk where she has to go to the internet cafe and return home late at night since she is Deaf.

If she possesses the device, she will sit in the comfort of her home to do her work. This project work is a requirement that adds up to her final grade to make up her GPA. This will go a long way to classify her among the first or second-class honors.

She is therefore appealing to you for this great opportunity. Though you made us aware that the organization is in financial difficulties, I still wish to plead on her behalf to be considered. She has already started the work but she is not finding it easy.

Thank you sincerely for all the assistance.

Best wishes


I replied to Emmanuel with a proposal that The Deaf Dream sponsors one laptop computer to be used by Jennifer and passed onto future Deaf Dreamers. (We did this in Uganda and the tablet has benefited 3 Deaf Dreamers so far.)

25 March 2023

Hello Destiny,

Thank you for the mail. Jennifer told me that her teaching practice with the students ended yesterday Friday the 24th of March 2023. According to her, she is now going to have time for research work (Project Work) therefore she is still in great need of a laptop computer.

She has agreed to the proposal that the laptop will not be her personal computer and that she is only going to use it to do her project and leave it for other deaf dreamers in the future.

This will be a great opportunity for Ghana Deaf Dreamers to acquire one machine to be used by one deaf dreamer to be passed on to another. The intervention now will favor Ghana because prices of things keep changing every day due to the instability of the US dollar against the Ghana Cedi. ...

Thank you for your kind attention as you look into our humble request with much consideration.

Best regards


8 May 2023

Hi Destiny, I am glad to inform you that I was able to get the computer for Jennifer. . I am very happy that we were able to clear this challenge as well. We are grateful to you and all the donors. Attached are the photographs Best Regards Emmanuel

Thank you to those of you who have donated this year. I account for every dollar to use them in the most meaningful way possible for these amazing students.

With gratitude,

- Destiny


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