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Jerry's Organization is Sponsoring 2 Deaf Students!

Remember Jerry from Uganda? He was our 3rd Deaf Dreamer who graduated just days before the pandemic hit. He decided to use his degree to start an organization, Deaf In Action.

Deaf In Action led out in service during Covid, collecting donations of food and distributing it to the most desperate members of the community. (2 months worth of food to 23 families)

Jerry (left in red) standing with mounds of food bags such as rice and flour.
Jerry (left in red) standing with collected food.

They also passed out the 156 face masks that our 6th Deaf Dreamer, Phina, had made for her community.

I received two updates from their organization and I am SO excited to share them with you!

Menstrual Supplies

Jerry's organization has organized their community to make and distribute free reusable sanitary pads!

His organization says that:

At the household level, they generally have little control over whether they have access to a private latrine or money to spend on sanitary materials. Even when gender inequalities are addressed, deeply embedded power relations and cultural taboos persist.
Most people, and men in particular, find menstrual hygiene a difficult subject to talk about. As a result of these issues, water, sanitation and hygiene programmes often fail to address the needs of women and girls
We are currently making and distributing Re-usable Sanitary Pads free, to young girls aged 13-24.

Isn't this such an amazing and worthwhile project?!


In addition, I just learned that Jerry's organization is providing two Deaf Ugandan students with half tuition scholarships!

My heart is brimming with joy. Jerry studied at university on a Deaf Dream scholarship and now is passing it forward by sponsoring more Deaf students! What a miracle!!

These two women are both are in extreme need with untold barriers limiting them so Jerry's organization is especially equipped to support their dreams. (I have included Jerry's / Deaf In Action's statements about each student below:)

Abedokena Hope, is our newest half tuition scholarship recipient.She's just completed her term one, of S.1 (Senior One).

Abalo Juliet, a resident and a Disabled from Nwoya District. Is a primary six learner. She dropped out of School after she was dismissed by the school admin. Reason for dismissal: She tried to force her teacher to mark her assignment, when she(her) Teacher [unfairly] refused to mark it. This was not the first time the same Teacher refused to mark her assignment. Apiyo tried to plead with her school in vain. This prompted her to drop out of school, until a resident learnt about Deaf In Action and informed it's members about this touching story. With the help of friends, Deaf In Action intends to pay her tuition to complete a Six month Basic course in Tailoring.

Food being delivered to those in need during Covid
Community meeting held outside during Covid

Jerry's Organization

If you would like to support Jerry's organization directly, you can donate here:

Or you can donate to The Deaf Dream and then email me at to have me forward the funding to our trusted representative, Oryem, who will get the funding to those who need it most.

Dear friends, thank you so much for your support! Can you believe it's been 10 years since The Deaf Dream began? A miracle, truly!

- Destiny


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