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Jerry’s Letter of Gratitude

I received this letter from Jerry last week. Thank you to each of you for your help, support, donations, and prayers in his behalf!

Take a moment to watch his graduation video if you have not already:

Dear Destiny, Oryem and The Deaf Dream team,

Dear Destiny, I don't have words to thank you enough towards your efforts supporting my Education. It's only God who can appreciate you enough. I always pray for that time when we shall meet physically. 

The Deaf dream has totally broken the barrier in my Community. They can't imagine a Deaf Completing a Course at my level. 

I felt very touched during my Graduation function at home when a speech from one guest was interpreted asking "People to stop calling me mad from then" All these time i didn't know i was also referred to as a Mad Person, from that moment i couldn't believe myself, I pretended to be happy during the graduation but deep down my heart i was hurting. thinking to myself that sometimes i could be truly mad but not knowing it. Until i asked the interpreter if really i'm mad. He assured me that mad people do not study to graduate, A mad person never asks people if they're mad, and such a number of people can't gather to attend a graduation function for a mad person. The only challenge is, the deaf are referred to as "Mad" by the local community.

I got relieved with those responses. But i was left with a very big assignment to finish. i.e To break the barrier!

I will do my best support the Deaf Community both within and outside my Country.

The Deaf Dream has inspired me a lot! 

Oryem, without you, i couldn't make it to the Deaf Dream. You were the foundation and Destiny was my pillar to my Studies. 

All your struggles won't be in vain. i will chase and make sure my dreams come true.

Thank you George for interpreting my sign language to written English.

Thank you Destiny and Oryem for everything.

Pamungu Jerry


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