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Introducing Kelai from South Sudan! (Deaf Dreamer #7)

Hello dear friends -

I am thrilled to introduce you to our 7th (!!) Deaf Dreamer, Kelai Moses.

I will share a bit of his story below. (Trigger Warning: Abuse.)

Kelai Moses Duop is from South Sudan. Many of you may know that South Sudan has been in a constant state of conflict and war for decades. His mother was abducted in 1999 by SPLA Rebels and forced to carry their stolen goods. It was only when the UPDF Soldiers attacked that Kelai's mother was able to escape.

Shortly afterwards she realized she has become pregnant from the abuse during those two months as a captive. (Kelai is the survivor of failed abortions as his mother did not know how she would raise him.)

In 2007, he and his mother came to Uganda. (Kelai means "unknown" and Duop means "war.") They lived in the Kiryandongo Refugee Camp in Uganda and then the Bidi Bidi Camp (the largest refugee camp in the world).

He started attending the same school as Phina in January, studying carpentry and joinery. His dream is to start a carpentry business where he can train and hire other members of his Deaf South Sudanese community.

Thank you for your support! With two students graduated, two graduating this year, and two next year, we are hope to bring on another student (or two!) this year.

I / we could not do it without your help.


You can watch his video thanking those who have donated here:

And read of his original application:


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