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Introducing Esther from RWANDA (Deaf Dreamer #11)!

In August of 2020, Esther applied to The Deaf Dream for a scholarship with encouragement from Patricia (Deaf Dreamer #5).

As of early 2021, she is studying creative arts with the dream of partnering with the British Council Creative Arts Program "to bring the Deaf to light!"

She wrote in her application, "Very few Deaf have managed to go to School. Many Deaf are illiterate in our country. The Deaf are not offered jobs even after education. The tribal conflicts between the two tribes, Hutu and Tutsi makes it hard for the Deaf to study in Rwanda. A reason why I was taken to study in Kisoro School for the Deaf."

This is Esther's video that she included with her application.

Esther is finishing up her second semester. Thank you for your support and for donating to these Deaf Dreamers! I cannot thank you enough for your help, especially during COVID.

God bless,

- Destiny


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