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Deaf In Action's Gender Equality Program

Soccer team wearing uniforms saying: Girl Up

(Oryem is on the far right in the left photo)

Jerry (Deaf Dreamer #3) and Oryem (#7) are growing their impact through Jerry's organization: Deaf in Action.

Oryem has been leading out their Gender Equality Program in Uganda. Here is his update:

Dear Destiny?
Good morning to you?
Nice to connect with you again, after a long time.
I got my semester break a couple of days ago. I have been busy coordinating Deaf In Action's Gender Equality Program. Remember I emailed you about the USD 490 Grant? Yes!! Deaf In Action was awarded.
Deaf In Action Donated;-
-65 Reusable sanitary Pads and 2 Cartons of Disposable Sanitary Pads to 50 girls in and out of Schools to reduce absenteeism and promote Menstrual Health
-11 Pairs of Football Jerseys and a Football to a primary School to promote Sports
I have also been at my school on Friday to check on my Semester one grade results but found that he wasn't around. I will pick it up and send it to you as soon as I can.
Thank you, and greetings to your entire family.

Here are the videos Oryem sent with his email:

Gender Equality Training

Practical session-Making Reusable Sanitary Pads

Gender Equality through Sports


Oryem sent me an update on May 6th:

Dear Destiny,

You recently asked if I was working for Deaf In Action. Yes!! I'm working for the Non profit!!

I joined in Dec 2020, during the strict COVID-19 lockdown, we lobbied for some food stuff and distributed to the target groups.

I recently applied to " Girl Up" on behalf of the Non Profit for a Gender Equity grant, to promote Gender Equality program through sports and Menstrual Health Education. Any moment from now, we shall receive $490, to help purchase Prizes and call for football competitions among boys and girls in and out of schools.

The winning teams and best players from all the participating teams shall receive prizes.

The same funding shall also be used to buy some materials and train girls how to make reusable sanitary pads because we realized a number of girls miss school during their menstrual periods due to lack of money to purchase sanitary Pads

Therefore, if they can learn how to make one, one can attend school throughout her periods. We are mostly encouraging Deaf Girls to join this special program because they are the most affected group!!

We want to borrow your good examples of helping the Deaf Community.

Find attached, part of the email I received from Girl Up

June 29, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well. I'm taking this short time to update you on the current events at Deaf In Action.

1-GIRL UP GENDER EQUALITY SMALL GRANT: We applied for USD 490 (Maximum is USD 500) Gender Equality award Grant in Feb this year and got awarded this month.

The funding was wired directly to me and I delivered it to the Organization safely.


The Organization is currently implementing programs that promote Gender Equality which include but not limited to;

a) Sensitization on Gender Equality and gender Equity.

b) Promoting Gender through distribution of footballs to schools that lack them and encouraging their boys and girls to play together to break the barrier (In most parts of Uganda, people still believe that Football is only a game for Boys)

c) Menstrual Health Education.

The Organization is also conducting Menstrual Health Education to young girls and boys aged 13-24, although some specific topics involves girls only.

d) Provision of disposable and reusable sanitary pads to girls from the poorest households.

The funding is small compared to the demands but members are trying their best to ensure that the funding is economically utilized. Much of our work is on voluntary basis.

For more information, please keep checking on the organization's Facebook page.

Note: You won't be able to see both me and Jerry in the Pictures and videos at the moment because; I'm busy preparing for my exams and Jerry is also busy with assignments at his work place.

I will be appearing in pictures and videos in late July when I'm through with my exams.

I wish All the team implementing this program success in their daily activities.

Thank you for supporting us

Thank you.



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