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Introducing Jerry, our newest Deaf Dreamer!

Last week was a HUGE week for The Deaf Dream. We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that Jerry, our newest Deaf Dreamer, started university last week in Uganda!

Jerry's dream is to "use my skills in arts to influence and inspire other Disabled person to do the same things I do. These are the people who grew up knowing that their disability is the end of their lives and there's nothing they can do, yet in actual sense, they have hidden talents but only mistaken by the local beliefs."

Jerry is the second child in his family and will be turning 21 on September 21st. He was born deaf and attended the Ngora School for the Deaf, Agururu Primary School and then Mbale School for the Deaf Secondary School. Thanks to your donations, we were able to give Jerry a scholarship to attend Michaelangelo College of Creative Arts!

Please consider donating once more to help us continue to support these amazing students! It's an exciting time and there are so many more leaders eager to earn their degrees! :)

With gratitude,


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