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Victoria is officially admitted into Presbyterian College of Education in Akropong, Ghana!

I am crying for joy this morning. I just opened an email from Emmanuel, Victoria's guardian, who sent me the most wonderful picture of Victoria and the following letter. This is really happening!!

Photo of Victoria Aggrey - dressed in suit with purple flower print, classy hairstyle, and smiling. She is standing with hand on hip and with bags in font of green foliage behind her. The Deaf Dream sponsors scholarships for Deaf college students in developing nations. Carol MacNicholl, Destiny Yarbro, Sanne Winsser board of directors.

Victoria is now officially admitted into Presbyterian College of Education in Akropong, Ghana. Every step of this process over the last year has needed prayers (and crossed fingers). As you can tell from the letter below - untold hours have been invested by Victoria, Emmanuel, and Sister Rose (the college's disability staff member) to make this dream happen. What a tender mercy to get to work with this incredible group. I can not feel any happier than I do in this moment!

I know all of you will appreciate reading Emmanuel's letter - it will give you a glimpse of all the work that has been invested to bring Victoria to this point in time. He has sent over 25 documents in this process to document that the money is being used correctly and from here on out we will pay the money directly to the college. I am also personally in contact with Sister Rose and Victoria. And we are working on the recommendation of Elise Berrett, a Utah friend of mine who has been working with the Deaf community in Ghana and first told me of Victoria. It is amazing all the connections that have come together to make this happen!

THIS is where your donations are going, friends - straight to the Deaf Dreamers. You are part of Victoria's support system because you gave money (from $1 donations to $100+ donations). I cannot tell you what every dollar means. It's a joy to have enough funding to pay for her college this semester and we are excited for Erik's unicycle trip across the USA next summer to raise more funds.

With gratitude,


By the way, this is Emmanuel (you can learn more about him here >>) and Sister Rose:

Emmanuel, Victoria and Sister Rose standing on stairs to school dressed in Ghanaian clothing. The Deaf Dream sponsors scholarships for Deaf college students in developing nations. Carol MacNicholl, Destiny Yarbro, Sanne Winsser board of directors.

Letter from Emmanuel:



Thank you for your deep concern and the keen interest you attached to Victoria’s education.

I was able to pick up a total amount of GH¢ 2, 538.86 ($670.55) for Victoria’s school fees successfully. Victoria had a text message from the college that she had been offered admission therefore she should contact the school for the details.

We went and met the registrar and he inspected victoria’s result and online registration forms. He smiled and said Victoria is a good student despite her disability she performed creditably, she qualified for admission, he added.

To our surprise, Victoria’s name was not found on the master list so the registrar said something might have gone wrong. He therefore asked Sister Rose (a tutor who is a friend to Destiny) to take the result to the Principal for discussion.

Sister Rose came back and said the Principal immediately ordered the ICT Coordinator to check the on line registration to see if truly Victoria has registered, if she did, he will admit her. The Coordinator checked and found out that Victoria has registered. The ICT Coordinator therefore asked the registrar to add her name to the list which he did.

However, he found an error with the programme Victoria selected. Instead of General Arts, she rather selected MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE therefore the computer rejected her form.

I explained to them that from the initial stage, the software that they used did not accept General Arts for the Deaf applicants but rather MATHEMATICS /SCIENCE. So we went ahead to do the registration with the intention that, the programme will be changed when she is offered admission. They accepted the explanation and added her name.

Now, when it came to the payment of fees, the bank had already closed and the Principal also left the office since it passed 5:00 pm. The registrar therefore advised me to give the money and Victoria’s particulars to Sister Rose to effect the payment on her behalf since the deadline is getting nearer.

Sister Rose assured me that she will send the feedback to the Principal and get the payment done after which she will call me to come for the receipt and other materials for Victoria. My Sisters, it wasn’t easy since 10:00 am until 5:30 pm before we left the college. But we thank God Victoria’s name has been added.


I made the inquiry about fee paying directly to the college. I was told that it can be done. I will therefore get the details if am called back for the receipt. I humbly plead with you to exercise restrain so that I can get the receipt for onward submission to you.


However, I have attached the following:

1. Western Union receipt

2. Copy of the Ghana Commercial Bank Cash Deposit Form

3. The online registration form

4. Result slip

5. Photograph of Victoria and Sister Rose

6. An appreciation letter for you study.

End of report.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best wishes



Click the image below to watch Victoria's video submission and learn more about her journey >>

Click to watch Victoria's video submission to The Deaf Dream. Nonprofit providing college scholarships to deaf students in developing nations.

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