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Met with Khiem Today - KHIEM UPDATE

I am in Ho Chi Minh City and was able to meet up with Khiem!! He has been BUSY since my last visit!

For those of you who don't know Khiem - he is absolutely amazing. I met him first in 2012 while on Semester at Sea and was the main reason for starting The Deaf Dream. He desired to go to university and...really, really long story short, he has completed his two year degree and currently is focused on building the Vietnamese deaf community.

Anyways, since starting school, he has:

  • taught his community everything he learns at university (technically we're just sponsoring his degree, but really, your donations are sponsoring an entire deaf community's education!)

  • started a campaign against deaf women abuse

  • started teaching sign classes for hearing students

  • put together massive events where his deaf community performs and spreads awareness

  • been interviewed on multiple Vietnamese news stations

Since my last visit, he has:

  • been reaching out to other disability communities (he recognized that the larger numbers people with disabilities in Vietnam have, the greater impact they can have on the law)

  • took part in putting together a large disability conference (to be held next week)

  • continues to expand disability rights and law-changes regarding deaf-deaf marriages, driving, etc.

I am constantly amazed by Khiem's enthusiasm and tenacity to make a difference. GO KHIEM!

Khiem's education cost about $1/day = $250/semester. Every dollar of your online donation makes a HUGE difference and goes directly to the dreamer (not to overhead costs). Donate here! >>

[Posted by: Destiny Yarbro]

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