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Introducing our 16th Deaf Dreamer: Lydia from the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

I am thrilled to announce our next Deaf college scholarship recipient! Lydia has received a Deaf Dream scholarship to study the fabric and sewing business!

Her dream is to one day provide employment for other members of her Deaf community in the DRC and / or Rwanda. (She is currently living in the Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda.)

Lydia's Initial Application

Lydia's Second Application

I sent Lydia multiple follow-up emails to learn more about her dream and plan to accomplish it. The following is one of her emails. It was originally in French (her most comfortable writing language), this is the English translation.

Dear Destiny,
Thank you very much for your email. I just came to check my email. You know, my dad had told me to wait until next year to join the school because he couldn't pay our fees (me and my siblings) in full. When he learned of my candidacy, he said that if my application is approved for a scholarship, he can cover my other expenses such as accommodation, meals, personal needs, transportation and COVID-19 PPE.
1. What is your specific goal to help your Deaf community and break barriers? (Explain your plan.)
I want to be the champion of providing vocational skills to the Deaf. After completing my course, I will begin by sharing the skills I have learned through training my deaf peers in fashion and design. It is an easy to learn course.
During my course, I want to advocate for deaf rights and education. This will encourage parents of deaf children to value deaf education.
2. How does getting an education help this goal?
Getting an education will help because I will be an example for the education of the deaf.
I strive to be a Deaf leader in school so I have access to the media and government offices. By completing my course, I will learn all the skills required to teach other deaf people.
3. How do you plan to pay for school on March 6th?
My father is a former soldier, victim of the war. He is retired. He has just informed me that he will be able to provide accommodation, transportation, meals and personal needs once I am accepted for your scholarship.
4. If you are awarded a scholarship, we would send money for tuition, materials, and test fees for next semester. Will you and your family be able to afford the other fees / accommodations required at school?
Yes, they will. My father just informed me.

Dear wonderful sponsors,

Thank you for all of your support. For each of your donations and your emails of encouragement. It truly means so much to me that I do not have to worry about fundraising because of the donations you send. That way I can use my limited energy (due to my health) to focus on what matters most: our students' educations. Each of you are a blessing!

With gratitude,

- Destiny


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