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10 Years and 15 Deaf Dreamers Later...

Hello dreamers, donors, and friends -

It is truly incredible for me to realize that it has been 10 years since the idea of The Deaf Dream came to me. I remember sitting in my airplane seat on a flight from Tibet, the Himalayan mountain range passing below me, the harsh oppression of the Tibetan people fresh in my mind, and writing furiously the ideas that were streaming into my brain.

Before Semester at Sea, I never would have imagined that God would want me to start a non-profit business. It was not in my plans whatsoever. After all, I was a college student graduating in history with no background in business.

I guess that is what makes the last ten years such a miracle. Despite navigating serious health challenges and the ensuing personal financial strain, I have seen divine intervention in The Deaf Dream. Donors that 'just happened' to give at the exact moment a student was in need, a simple organizational structure built on essentialism so that the work moved forward despite my personal challenges, and a network of Deaf Dreamers who supported each other during the extremes of COVID. Each of these miracles makes me more and more convinced that The Deaf Dream's growth is not done yet.

With COVID adding a strain to our scholarship fund, I ask that you consider donating $10 for the 10 years The Deaf Dream has grown. You know that I do not ask for money; I prefer to show the miracles happening with our students and trust that the Lord will provide. But today, I do ask for your donations so the next 10 years and 15 students will be made possible.

Donate $10 for 10 years

Thank you to each of you! I am so grateful for your help over the last decade!

- Destiny


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