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How to Set Up

Your 5k

For those of you wanting to get a group together for July 1st,

here are some tips for putting together your 5k!

1. Add your friends to our Facebook event page [or set up your own Facebook event specific to your group].

2. Contact each person in your friend group individually:

  • Share how you want to help Deaf Dreamers

  • Ask them what weird or random way they want to do their 5k

  • Give them this link so they can register themselves

  • Remind them that $10 = 1-2 weeks of college!

3. We prefer random over length so if you want to do a 1/2 mile so your friends can pogo stick their way to the finish, then great!

4. Make sure to have your group shares photos on social media with the hashtag #deaf and #deafdream or tag "The Deaf Dream" in the photo!


Thank you for going above and beyond to help us reach our goal of $3,000. (The equivalent of an entire college degree for one of our Deaf Dreamers.)

Time for our


Annual 5k!

Jog, bike, kayak, hike, sprint, unicycle or skip

a 5k with your friends to support Deaf Dream!

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